Today all patients are concerned about the sterility of medical instruments when they visit a dentist. In our Dental Clinic Prestige in Astana, we pay special attention to disinfection and sterilization since this is a very important issue!

Let's start with the fact that most of the supplies in our clinic are disposable.

Processing of surfaces, equipment, hands and instruments is performed using the German solutions DÜRR DENTAL.
Sterilization is carried out in an automatic vacuum autoclave of a professional class "B".
Medical Vacuum autoclaves of Class B are the most expensive but also the most universal and high-tech devices. These machines have everything you need to sterilize any objects.
Particularly important aspect is sterilization of dental nozzles!

Have you ever asked your dentist how they sterilize dental nozzles??? Especially the quality of sterilization processing of internal parts (the most polluted)???

In our Dental Clinic Prestige the sterilization of dental nozzles is performed with the use of DAC UNIVERSAL.

Recently more attention is being paid to hygienic standards, but it should not take much time in daily dental practice. DAC UNIVERSAL device allows for cleaning, lubrication and sterilization of up to 6 instruments simultaneously.

  • — Reducing the risk of cross-contamination
    By using reverse jet technologies, saturated steam passes through the instruments sterilizing both internal canals of nozzles and turbines, as well as their outer surface.
  • — Automatic hygiene process, whereas in manual mode there are greater chances for sterilization failures.
  • — Superior reliability, providing protection for patients and medical staff.

All sterilized tools are placed in special hermetic packs and then sealed. The sealed bag preserves sterility 100%!

Bactericidal air recirculator Tion A
And of course the air…
It is also very important what our patients and medical staff breathe in.
Clean, decontaminated, ionized air.

Bactericidal air recirculator Tion A – is an air cleaner and decotaminator. It is designed for reduction of microbial contamination in premises of all cleanroom classes, including ultra clean ones and infectious desease wards. In addition to air decontamination, it provides integrated cleaning from dust, allergens, odors and harmful substances (exhaust gases, emissions and carcinogenic agents).