Ceramic restoration in one posyaschenie

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Dental Clinic PRESTIGE presents

Ceramic restorations

  • Dreaming of highly aesthetic natural restorations in one visit?
  • Tired of unpleasant impression taking procedure and the need for temporary structures?
  • Do you want to be confident in the high biocompatibility of all-ceramic materials?

Now all this became available for you! Thanks to the CEREC system the dentist of the «Prestige Dental Clinic" will manufacture and install your individual ceramic restoration in just one visit!

CEREC - is an innovative and high-tech CAD/CAM system, which manufactures all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for the front and back groups of teeth.


All-ceramic restorations

  • in just a single visit
  • without the traditional need for casts
  • without the temporary structures
  • metal-free
  • highly aesthetic
  • durable

Modern CAD/CAM - technology offers all of these benefits!


CEREC - technology with many years of experience

CEREC - is a system developed at the University of Zurich and is used in dental clinics since 1985. This means that the history of CEREC encounters more than 25 years! Experts of more than 25 000 clinics in more than 50 countries around the world are successfully working on the CEREC- system.

Since 1985, more than 8 million patients became happy owners of ceramic restorations produced with the aid of the CEREC- system. The total number of the installed restorations amounts to over 20 million units!

Long-term clinical studies demonstrate that the restoration made with the use of CEREC, in terms of the durability is at least equivalent to similar restorations made of gold.

Forget about traditional casts, temporary structures and tiresome waiting

CEREC means:

Only optical impressions!
Intraoral CEREC 3D-camera scans the prepared tooth directly in the patient’s mouth for a few seconds. This technology eliminated the unpleasant procedure of taking impressions with trays, and works only with digital optical impressions.

No temporary restorations!
CEREC- restorations are milled of durable ceramic material in just a few minutes. When the restorations are finished milling, they are placed in the patient’s mouth immediately. There is no need for temporary inlays, onlays or crowns. Restoration is milled in just one visit. You don't need to wait for a few days, or even weeks, for a ceramic inlay to be ready.

Ready result in just one visit!
Since CEREC - restorations are milled quickly and fixed in the patient's mouth immediately, you get a ready result in just one visit. In addition, you can be confident in the durability of obtained restoration.


CEREC - a step by step method

  1. Before you begin treatment, we will tell you about all the benefits of CEREC - method.
  2. After removal of the unnecessary tissue or amalgam inlay residue, we get the three-dimensional optical impressions of your teeth with the help of CEREC intraoral camera.

  1. The modeling of restoration of your tooth is visually represented on the screen of CEREC medical unit.

  1. CEREC milling unit mills your restoration out of a special ceramic block.

  1. Milled restoration is fixed directly in your mouth.

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